Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai

With a strong shared belief that there is an imperative need to invest in developing professionals who can work with local governments, TISS and Avantika Foundation have partnered to anchor a “Young Professionals Programme in Local Governance (LGYP)” since 2013 in the state of Maharashtra. The Young Professionals reside and work in Gram Panchayats. The Programme draws on the GPOD framework and a ‘Conscious Full Spectrum Approach’ (CFS) to deliver results on the ground. The Conscious Full Spectrum Approach is a meta-frame of response to challenges of justice that is broadly based on three different and simultaneous human capacities: the capacity to source inner power and stand in one’s values, think systemically and strategically, and act in a principled manner to deliver tangible results for well-being.

Based on the experience of the LGYP programme, TISS has decided to scale to various states in the country with the purpose of fostering practitioners who can strengthen Gram Panchayats. Presently, work is underway to develop a M. Phil programme focussing on Local Governance, which among other significant inputs, also draws on the experience of the Young Professionals of the first batch. The curriculum is being developed jointly by Centre for Public Policy, Habitat and Human Development, School of Development Studies, TISS and Avantika Foundation.